Butch and his Ruby




Ruby, our southern belle

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Ruby when she could walk

Ruby came to us two years ago and boy does time fly!  Ruby’s parents had fallen on bad times from serious health issues.  Ruby couldn’t walk or go potty on her own which made it hard for her parents to care for her.  I arranged transport for her to come from NC to OH via some wonderful dog lovers.  What a beauty she was!  Ruby is what is called a pie bald and she has a pink spotted belly.



pink belly!

Isn’t she gorgeous!  We call her out southern belle because she looks at you with a look that lets you know is a lady.  She has her moments though.  If one of her siblings is laying where she wants to sleep she will stare at them until they move.  And they do move!


nap time

Two of her siblings, Butch and Roo, make therapy visits locally.  We took Ruby once just so people could meet her and now she is included in all of the visits.  She even got her own ID!

Ruby’s brothers also race in their carts so why not?  Girls can do anything boys can do.  Right?  She’s a big hit when she shows up in her tutu.  Ruby also goes with her brothers when we teach people about handicapped dogs.


Isn’t she beautiful!

She’s a beautiful girl and we are so happy she is here.  I’m sure people that meet her and her brothers now know that these babies are not handicapped, they’re handicapable.






Beautiful Beatrice


Beatrice.  Where do I begin?  She came to me from a shelter where she had been picked up as a stray.  Thankfully it was a decent shelter and they kept her for quite a while before we got her out.  Everyone thought she was aggressive and mean but when they started taking her for walks they realized she was terrified and was really very loving.  She was advertised as a dachshund but at best she is a dachshund/beagle mix.  I love her face.  She has an Emmitt Kelly face and when she looks at me with those big brown eyes I just melt.

She has the most beautiful face

She has the most beautiful face

Beatrice was rescued by the Dachshund Rescue of North America and I am the foster mom she first came to live with.   She was  a sweet girl from day one.  Loved to cuddle in your arms like a baby.  She would gallop when I would come home because she was so happy to see me.  It was such a cute sight!

After a short time Beatrice was adopted to a family that couldn’t wait to meet her.  They fell in love with that sweet face just like I did.  Her new home was short lived as they had small children and Beatrice was nervous around them.  One day she hid under the bed and when a toddler tried to pull her out she snapped at her but didn’t bite.  I think it  was her warning them that she was scared.  Shortly after that Bea was returned to the rescue and placed at a foster home closer to where she had been living.

Beatrice had some health issues and had emergency surgery for bladder stones.  Over 100!!!  She almost lost her life but was nursed back to health and was living the good life.  She started to eat papers, books, furniture, cords and whatever else she could get.  Her foster dad called and asked if I would consider taking her back.  Of course I would!  We met him shortly after and she came back home with me.  For some reason she has decided this is where she wants to live and is a good girl most of the time.  She is the alpha and doesn’t let anyone forget it but she isn’t mean and doesn’t destroy things.  Due to her previous history of snapping and destroying things the rescue decided they couldn’t adopt her out again so she became mine.

She's such a love bug

She’s such a love bug

She’s a big lover and living with dachshunds she thinks she’s as small as they are. Beatrice cuddles with the doxies and climbs on our laps to snuggle.  She loves to lay in the sun and romp around the backyard.  When ever she realizes we are going in the car she starts galloping and you can just tell she can’t wait to go with us.  She’s a good girl in the car but every couple of minutes she leans her head over and waits for a kiss.  Once she gets her kiss she will lay her head on your shoulder until it’s kissing time again.  She’s just a little girl that wants to be loved . . . and we do love her.

Beatrice and Butch

Beatrice and Butch

Rocky and Adrienne

Rocky and Adrienne came into our lives when they were just teeny babies.  At six weeks old they were the cutest little furballs.  Rocky was the runt of the litter and the only pup that had long hair.  Well, semi long hair.  The rest of the litter were red smooths but it wasn’t that obvious until he started growing.

They have detested wearing clothes since day one.  I would put them in their little sweaters and in two minutes he was sitting naked next to Adrienne.  I still don’t know how he did it so fast.  They are ten years old now and still run around, roll around and scratch themselves if I dress them up.

As siblings they couldn’t be closer.  Adrienne had hernia surgery when she was a baby and Rocky was allowed to be in her kennel at the vet.  Our vet realized how close they were and he thought she would be calmer with her brother there.   To this day they still sleep intertwined.  Adrienne defends her little brother when any other dog decides to give him a hard time.  She will stand in front of him and take a stance that reminds us of an aggravated animal on Wild Kingdom.  Don’t mess with her baby brother!!

They are the best little dogs anyone could ever have.  They understand just about everything I say to them.  If they are outside and start barking all I have to say is “get in the house” and they go running inside.  They will move over, back up, be quiet, go to bed and so much more.  Say it once and it’s done.

Adrienne is very vocal when we go to the pet store or the park.  It’s pretty embarrassing actually.  We took her to a local pet store and when we were walking down the aisles she was screeching.  One of the employees came to ask what was wrong and we told her “she’s excited to be here”!  There have even been times I’ve had to wait in the car with her at the vet because she’s so distraught thinking she may her her nails clipped.  Rocky is just the opposite.  He loves to go anywhere and see anyone.  If you come to our house he will sit on your lap, follow you to the bathroom and try to leave in your car.  We have to reassure people that we really do not abuse him!  He’s just a friendly little guy.

Rocky and Adrienne have several siblings and some are bigger than they are but Adrienne is in charge around here.  She’s a very gentle leader but do NOT mess with her baby brother.

sweet babies

Little Roo

ImageLittle Roo was a complete surprise to me.  One day in January 2012 I logged onto Facebook and there was this little chihuahua posted on my page with the headline “this dog has you written all over him”.  My friend Michael put it there.  Michael Honer is a vet tech at an animal shelter in Tampa and has a soft spot for the little angels that come through. Roo is not the first angel I’ve adopted due to Michael’s love for animals.

Roo was apparently dumped in Tampa and found by a compassionate person that brought him to the shelter.  Roo was born without arms and it was estimated that he was only about 5 months old.  How could anyone dump a handicapped baby in a city and not worry about him?  Poor little Roo was petrified but soon found love at the shelter.  All of the shelter workers were so sweet and kind to this little angel.  I’m sure that he got a lot of love and attention and returned just as much as he received.  He loves to kiss and snuggle.

Roo was in a foster home for a short time and I told Michael I would love to adopt the little guy if he didn’t already have any offers.  Luckily I got to be his new mom!!  Little Roo was neutered and chipped and his next adventure began.  Since I live in Ohio and he was in Florida we had a little transporting to arrange.  The previous year we had been in Florida to meet people from the rescue that originally had our little Chance that also came from the same shelter.  There was a picnic and Cheri and Todd’s house where we got to meet all the doxie people and Michael.  Cheri was kind enough to drive the two hours to Tampa and back to pick up Roo and he lived with her for a few weeks.

The next leg of his trip was another three hour trip further north to Tim and Judy’s house.  Judy picked him up and he stayed with them for several weeks.  Lucky for me between his two interim homes I learned a lot about him.  He was sort of potty trained but not quite.  You can always tell when he’s the one that went potty in the house because he stands and turns around like a sprinkler.  Funny but also a little messy!

The new North Florida Animal Rescue was just getting ready to open and they held a fundraiser for a cart for Roo.  They raised all the money they needed in 7 hours and the cart was ordered from Eddie’s Wheels.  He practiced rolling around and he was an honorary dachshund at the North Florida Dachshund Races in March of 2012.  They had his picture in the local paper and he was on the news.

He’s in Ohio now and would much rather hop than roll.  We have to be careful with his little hips and joints and sometime you can hear little cracks and pops when he overdoes it.  He loves life and plays with his dachshund siblings constantly.  He’s so active that I have a small pack n play in the corner of the living room for when he needs a time out.  Just like a little boy, he has no idea when to slow down and rest.   He sits on his haunches in the crib and just looks at me through the screen.  Too funny!

He is loved!!

Roo turned a year old in July.  We picked July 4th as his birthday so everyone can celebrate this little boy’s second chance at life thanks to all of the people that helped him come to his furever home.


Abbie Marie, we still miss you

Abbie was the cutest little dog.  Her mom was a golden retriever and her dad was a pomeranian.  They belonged to our neighbors and they had such a cute litter of pups that we couldn’t resist her.  My daughter would carry her everywhere she went.  We tried to take Abbie for walks but we would always end up carrying her back home.  She was truly in charge!

When we adopted Abbie we also had a 9 year old border collie named Punkin.  Punkin would tolerate little Abbie but eventually they became true siblings.   Abbie would tag behind her like a little sister and Punkin would cuddle up around Abbie at night.  They really were cute together.  Unfortunately when Punkin was about 13 years old she developed cancer and Abbie would lay by her side on a blanket just to be near her.  When Punkin passed away her little sister was lonesome.  Dogs feel emotion just like we do and it was so sad watching Abbie adjust to being an “only child”.


I was watching tv one night and saw dogs on the news from local shelters.  There was a dog named Lucky that looked like a larger version of Punkin.  My daughter and I called and put out names on the list to adopt him.  We didn’t hear anything for a a couple of weeks so we thought someone else had been picked to be Lucky’s new family.  Then we got the call that a lady would bring him to the house to see if we were a good fit!  We were so excited and worried that he wouldn’t like us, but he did.  He came through the door with his guardian, walked up to Abbie’s bowl and started eating and drinking.  Abbie walked right over to him and started kissing him!  I think he reminded her of Punkin, too.

Lucky was renamed Quazimoto and we called him Quazi for short.  Quazi had been found as a stray and had to have one of his eyes removed.  When we would take them for walks Abbie would walk on his sightless side and nudge him to go straight.  She really took care of the big guy.  He weighed about 115 pounds to her 12 yet she was his caretaker.

Abbie and Quazi

For those of us that remember the tv show MY THREE SONS, Abbie looked like a miniature Tramp.    And she was devoted to me.  Abbie never left the yard unless I did.  One day a friend took her for a walk to the neighbors house and she chewed her way thru the leash and came home to sit on the porch because I was in the house.   We would take her swimming in the lake and she was just like a little kid.  It would be time to go home and as we were leaving the beach she would turn around and run right back into the water!  When she was wet she looked like she weighed 3 pounds.  Quazi would walk the beach picking up dead fish and carrying them around.  No water for him!

Quazimoto was with us for 4 years and we found out he had cancer.  The big guy went from just over 100 pounds to 70.  He went to the Bridge and Abbie Marie was alone once again.

The next furry angel to come into our lives was Mindy May.  Mindy May was a 13 year old, one eyed Shih Tzu.  Another one-eyed dog for Abbie!  As with Quazi, Abbie would walk on Mindy’s sightless side and nudge her when we went for walks.  She really was a service dog to these dogs.   Mindy May was diagnosed with canine cognitive disorder (doggie alzheimer’s) and Abbie would help her find her way around the house and yard.  Mindy May passed away at the age of 18.

Abbie lived to be 18 years old.  She had a wonderful life and she brought so much love and joy to ours.  She loved and was loved.  Who can ask for more?

We still miss you, Abbie Marie

Lao Tzu makes a statement

I have a dog that makes a fashion statement every day of his life.  He has two drawers filled with clothes.  Now it’s not that he’s vain or greedy, he’s hairless.  His name is Lao Tzu but we call him Shooey.

Hairless dogs need clothes.  It’s that simple.  He has jammies, shirts, blue jeans and shorts.  You name it, he has it and it fills two drawers and a roll out storage bin under my bed.  Shooey get his jammies made especially for him by his Aunt Janet.  He has a made to order Hug-a-Dog harness with a nice, soft lining so it doesn’t chafe his skin.   He has a pretty blue Cuddler from Dachshund Delights and if I do say so myself, he looks very handsome in it.

cowboy pajamas

I met Lao Tzu when I helped transport him from one rescue to another.  As soon as I looked into his big eyes I knew he had my heart.  Just three months before we lost out little Sigmond unexpectedly and now I had another hairless dog stealing my heart.  We did the transport but I mentioned that I was interested and two months later he was mine!  The poor guy was a little timid at first and not very potty trained.  He had originally come from a puppy mill and didn’t really fit in at the first rescue because Shooey wants to be the alpha.  He would harass the other dogs and eventually they had to move him.  I’m so glad they did.

I couldn't resist those eyes

Shooey craves love and attention.  If we are in bed and another dog is laying next to me, he sits on top of the dog and wiggles his way in between us.  If I am talking to someone he will get on my lap and keep touching my face as if to say “Hey, what about me?”.  He does aggravate the other dogs but they just brush him off like he’s the bratty little brother.  Occasionally someone will growl and go after him but it’s more to make him go away than to attack him.  We call him Dennis the Menace.  He’s like a little boy that has to be in charge.

Shooey is still not totally potty trained so he wears belly bands and of course they are made to order for him from Pammer’s Petwear.  Nothing but the best for this little man.  He actually has a dresser drawer full of belly bands.  If you have to wear underwear it might as well make a statement!

the first day in his new home

Summer clothes?  He has a lot of those, too.  Shorts and t shirts and he wears a very high SPF sunscreen with lavender.  Gotta take care of that skin!  In the winter he’s a very light color but one day in the sun and he’s totally tan.  Shooey is a mexican hairless or Xolocuintle.  Xolo for short.  He loves the heat and can lay on the deck all day long.  I have to keep applying sunscreen and replenishing his water.  The boy craves heat.  In the winter he lays on a heated pillow, under a blanket while wearing his fleece jammies.


getting my tan on!


I’m so glad I met this little guy.  He makes us smile every day and when he looks in my eyes I remember the first day I saw him.


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