Butch and his Ruby


When Ruby came to live with us she was a little shy. Butch, being the big brother around here, would cuddle with her almost like he was saying “you belong with us”.  Through the years they were together you very seldom saw one sleeping without the other.  It became a “thing” on facebook that they were a couple.img_1584

When we would make our therapy visits Ruby would come with her brothers Butch and Roo. People loved her in her cute little outfits.  She would roll down the halls with her brothers and make everyone smile.

He also taught her how to race in her cart at the dachshund races.  She would always come in second place behind Butch.  Roo raced also but he was always last and more comic relief than a racer.   Recently Butch passed away and the next race for Ruby just happened to be the Butch Memorial Cart Race  in Cleveland, Ohio.  He had won this race many times and now it was up to little Ruby to win it for her brother’s memory.image-2

The day came and the announcer told the entire audience about Butch’s passing and the honor of naming the race.  Ruby gets in her racing position with her signature pink tutu.  She’s pawing at the gate to get out.  The gate is lifted and off she goes!  Ruby wins!  There was not a dry eye when Ruby won the 1st place in her brother Butch’s memorial race.

We are so proud of her.  People were saying her brother was looking down from the bridge and moving her wheels.

Now Ruby is the big sister in our pack.  She loves running, doing her therapy visits and just generally being a happy dog.



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Judy Delbene
    Sep 30, 2016 @ 14:49:11

    What a great update. Butch always beat Sam also. Even when you held him back to try and let Sam win. I am glad there is a racer in the family to take over for Butch.


  2. Marcela
    Sep 30, 2016 @ 18:54:50

    Your furry kids are gorgeous. I am sorry for your loss.


  3. Mardell Monreal
    Oct 01, 2016 @ 11:01:57

    I miss him lots!!😞 That handsome face and those eyes could melt your heart. Your floors will never be as clean. Everytime Ruby races, her big brother Butch will be there with her.💝


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