Beautiful Beatrice


Beatrice.  Where do I begin?  She came to me from a shelter where she had been picked up as a stray.  Thankfully it was a decent shelter and they kept her for quite a while before we got her out.  Everyone thought she was aggressive and mean but when they started taking her for walks they realized she was terrified and was really very loving.  She was advertised as a dachshund but at best she is a dachshund/beagle mix.  I love her face.  She has an Emmitt Kelly face and when she looks at me with those big brown eyes I just melt.

She has the most beautiful face

She has the most beautiful face

Beatrice was rescued by the Dachshund Rescue of North America and I am the foster mom she first came to live with.   She was  a sweet girl from day one.  Loved to cuddle in your arms like a baby.  She would gallop when I would come home because she was so happy to see me.  It was such a cute sight!

After a short time Beatrice was adopted to a family that couldn’t wait to meet her.  They fell in love with that sweet face just like I did.  Her new home was short lived as they had small children and Beatrice was nervous around them.  One day she hid under the bed and when a toddler tried to pull her out she snapped at her but didn’t bite.  I think it  was her warning them that she was scared.  Shortly after that Bea was returned to the rescue and placed at a foster home closer to where she had been living.

Beatrice had some health issues and had emergency surgery for bladder stones.  Over 100!!!  She almost lost her life but was nursed back to health and was living the good life.  She started to eat papers, books, furniture, cords and whatever else she could get.  Her foster dad called and asked if I would consider taking her back.  Of course I would!  We met him shortly after and she came back home with me.  For some reason she has decided this is where she wants to live and is a good girl most of the time.  She is the alpha and doesn’t let anyone forget it but she isn’t mean and doesn’t destroy things.  Due to her previous history of snapping and destroying things the rescue decided they couldn’t adopt her out again so she became mine.

She's such a love bug

She’s such a love bug

She’s a big lover and living with dachshunds she thinks she’s as small as they are. Beatrice cuddles with the doxies and climbs on our laps to snuggle.  She loves to lay in the sun and romp around the backyard.  When ever she realizes we are going in the car she starts galloping and you can just tell she can’t wait to go with us.  She’s a good girl in the car but every couple of minutes she leans her head over and waits for a kiss.  Once she gets her kiss she will lay her head on your shoulder until it’s kissing time again.  She’s just a little girl that wants to be loved . . . and we do love her.

Beatrice and Butch

Beatrice and Butch

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  1. Kelly Landgraf
    Jan 25, 2014 @ 22:46:59

    Beatrice is beautiful and so is this story. 🙂


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